Monday, March 1

Vinnaren är.

This last friday I went to the Swedish magazine Nöjesguiden's award show, Stockholmspriset (translation The Stockholm Award, I guess), to photograph the beautiful and the fashionable for Café Magazine. Check out the photos here. It was a really great night, I had so much fun! What did you guys do this weekend?




Betty said...

Åh vad fina kläder du har! Var kommer kjolen ifrån? Den passade jättefint med skjortan!

Emily said...

Tack fina! Kjolen är min nya älskling, en byxkjol (mitt absoluta favoritplagg) från Topshop.

Tatiana Landim said...

I went to a concert of a great regional artist. He and his guests did an amazing folk music performance. Ok, I'm going to see your photos. Beatiful outfit and image, Emily. kisses

Miss Soggy Smog said...

Oooh you make everyone look soooo good!!! I love both your more textured personal shots and your more professional public photos. Both are so great. Also, from reading your blog, I have come to the conclusion that Swedes are way hot. ;P Swedish style is super fun.


Emily said...

Tatiana - Sounds lovely! Thank you darling.

Miss Smog - Haha, yes, I think Swedes are hot too. ;D Thank you so much for your input, it's so nice to hear.

Laia said...

awww you look adorable! I've got those skorts from Topshop as well (L)

I agree with Miss Soggy Smog, Swedish people are very hot, love your pics! I didn't do anything especial this weekend, went to a club with a friend on Friday, Steve Aoki was djing, it was fun.

Linus said...

Bra bild. Gillar den lite nonchalanta känslan som bilden utger. Och sedan så är lensdammet och bruset riktigt fint till fotot.

Emily said...

Tack Linus!

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