Thursday, March 4

This is one of the shots from this morning which I really liked but which we probably wont use because it's too "serious".

BFFs posing.

Fooling around after the set.

All in all a good shoot, I'm very happy with the results. Now, lots of water! Maybe it's just me but I tend to get really dehydrated when I'm shooting, probably because I drink like ten cups of coffee in combination with the flash going all the time?






lavelle said...

I love your hair colour Emily. Beautiful! xx

Miss Soggy Smog said...

Oooh! Great shots and I love the last silly one :)

Emily said...

lavelle - thank you honey! i'm very happy with this colour.

miss smog - i post too few silly pictures i think! ;D

Angelica Karlsson said...

Jag gillar det första fotot... det finns liksom någonting i din blick... och jag gillar hela uppställningen med jordgloben och det :)

Polly R said...

Loving the globe! And your hair colour and clothes are really nice!
:) xxx

Emily said...

Angelica - Tack! Fast på det första fotot är det inte jag, utan min bästis Sylvia. Jag står bakom kameran ju. ;)

Polly R - I know, the globe is to die for! Sylvia collects them, and that particular one she found recently in the snow by a dumpster, someone had just thrown it away. Lucky!

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