Tuesday, March 2

Jag är bara pojke men jag fuckar upp mitt trumset.

I'm trying to save up for a trip to New York this spring. Gosh, I long for New York so much it hurts. So I haven't been buying as much clothes as I usually do. I've realized that being pickier with what I buy is making me love the stuff I do pick so much more, which I guess isn't very surprising really. Yesterday I bought this dress jacket and I know I'm gonna be wearing it until it's bursting in the seams (it looks kinda bulky in the second picture but it's not really, I've just been sitting crouched on the couch reading all day). Lovely.




Anonymous said...

vaaaar ifrån?

Emily said...

H&M såklart! ;)

Kristina said...

Rött och blått oh lala!

lottis_lottis said...

Mmmmmh du är ju söt som en smällkaramell. Goosh, vilken söt jacka, en Emilyjacka!

Emily said...

Kristina - Haha, ja, jag känner mig väldigt fransk!

Mami - Jag vet, den ropade på mig!

Miss Soggy Smog said...

Oh, adorable jacket. And how worth it your trip to NY will be!!!

ias bok said...

WAH, snygg och söt och åhhhh.

Emily said...

Miss Smog - Right?! Anything is worth a trip to NY in my book. ;)

Ia - Tack söta hjärtat!

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