Monday, March 8

Genom spegeln ut ur bilden.

I took these back when we were on our Valentine's trip at Fårö. It's only a couple of weeks ago, but honestly it feels like ages. I never get enough of being anywhere else but in everyday life.




alison said...

wonderful photos, I love your hair!

Marmelindela said...

That dress is insanely pretty. I really love the photo's you make, and the photo's you show. I really enjoy your blog!

(And your hair always looks so perfect!)

Emily said...

alison - you're a darling!

marmelinda - thank you so so much. i've been in kind of a rut the last couple of days blogwise, so that makes me really happy to hear!

Mirjami said...

I love how weird your legs look like in that first photo. The light<3

Antoinette said...

Hey Emily, I'm following you only for a couple of weeks, but i really love your blog, it's so personal and full of everything you really like, not only fashion, don't know if you understand. Anyway keep on, i'm here everyday! Kisses

Emily said...

Mirjami - Me too, I love weird and awkward shapes!

Antoinette - I really try to create a mixture of personal stories, fashion and ofcourse photography (my two passions I guess). I'm so happy you like it!
<3 <3 <3

Miss Soggy Smog said...

Hello Miss Beautiful Emily,
Okay of course you look totally gorgeous in these photos and I really really really adore the textures and layers of that lovely dress and think it looks so good with the black tights and I like the dreamy slanting roof over you... but what my real compliment today is, is that the first picture is absolutely brilliant. It's a color technicality compliment! The thing that really hits me about this photo is how warm it is, and I don't mean the feeling/content, I mean the technical details: obviously the pink glow and those gorgeous pink spots and your lovely strawberry hair but even more than those things: the way the pink glow makes your tights look both deep (like the ocean) and glowing (like the heavens). What this is all leading up to is that your face is soooo warm! Your skin is so pale and flawless and your cheeks are so rosy and pink lips but it's not those things it's something about your eyes, I am 99% positive you weren't wearing red mascara but your eyes and whole face are just so warm. I'm not a photographer but I'm really into color and sometimes with girls (not you!) the porcelain face and pink cheeks and lips can look so cold (brr!) but you just look so warm and it's beautiful and I love your photography. This has turned into a full rant, I probably should have just emailed you and feel free to either edit down this comment or not feel obliged to publish it because it is long and silly. :)

Emily said...

Miss Smog! That's seriously to longest comment I ever got! But that's okay (really) because some things need more words to be explained than others. Thank you very much for all you super sweet thoughts. I actually like to work with colous compliments, because I think it's a great subtle way of "tilting" towards one feeling or the other, get it? ;D Also, people always say I have cold colours (I'm light blonde really, blue eyes, pale skin) but I don't agree at all. I think I can look warm too. Anyway, I always like your input, keep it up.

Kim said...

Your blog is one of my favourites right now - you seem to not be able to do anything wrong! I especially love these, because of the whole Valentine's trip story - where did you stay? Is it a hotel? It looks incredibly lovely.

Emily said...

Kim - Thank you, that is so sweet of you! <3 The house I took these in is my boyfriend's family's holiday house. I love it all so much, we try to go there as often as we can.

Annie said...

åh underbart fint.

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