Monday, February 22


This last friday my BFF Sylvia and I went shopping at Beyond Retro and then for coffee. I didn't find anything (lie, I didn't dare look because my wallet said I wasn't allowed), but Sylvs found these two beauties. Aren't they lovely? I'm trying to brush up on my ability to take "moment shots", so right now I'm following my friends around even more than before, documenting them (no one's hit me over the head yet). Anyway, I was kinda happy with the first photo.




Anna W said...

i can rapport that both of them made huge success during the weekend (the first one on a crazy party friday night, bottom one on sunday during a friends 30th birthday afternoon tea - saturday was spent in my pj:s). love the pics! the top one is a little bit portia de rossi with the hair, but my hands look kinda a "anxious" in both shots i think. i love it when you take my photo and blog it! ;-)

/ sylvia @

Miss Soggy Smog said...

Gosh. So beautiful. I don't know how I missed this post. I would absolutely love to see you do some wedding photography. I know it would be beautiful. I think you have lucky friends! (and beautiful ones at that!)

<3 smog

Emily said...

Darling Miss Smog, you are too kind. ;D I'm happy to have the nicest prettiest friends.

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