Sunday, February 14

Och när vi blir gifta söta ungar ska vi få, som kan dansa tango.

Happy Valentine's Day everybody. I hope your day contains some of these things:

+ waking up next to a person whos smell remind you of milk or burnt sugar or sweat or whatever makes you tingle.
+ a blue sky, preferably a clear one.
+ some good fucking music, something that makes you want to dance (like perhaps this).
+ a good fatty lazy breakfast for your hangover.
+ holding a warm hand on a walk underneath that blue sky.
+ a friend with whom you don't really have to talk because you understand eachother in that playground-basic-sandbox-love-level.



P.S. Click the pic to get the source. D.S.


Blomflicka/Amanda said...


Sarah and Madison said...

That's adorable :) I hope YOUR day contained those things as well!

Emily said...
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Emily said...

Sarah and Madison - It did, surprisingly enough, contain all those things! =)

Anna W said...

i love it! :-) / sylv

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