Sunday, February 28

Och jag lämnar inga fotspår ens i sand.

Photography by Tender Letters.

I'm sorry about the stalemate. It feels weird not to update twice a day, I almost always do, but I've been too busy photographing/working/partying this weekend to post anything worth posting. Today we're having a photo shoot though, and hopefully I'll have som photos to show you later today. I trust you're having an amazing weekend. ♥♥♥




Sahakiel said...

I can't wait for seeing those pictures, I'm sure they would be wonderful!
What a busy weekend? Mine was relaxing, except for a Zombie Walk I went yesterday night, hahaha!

Emily said...

I was looking forward to it too, but the model just called to cancel on me. She had valid reasons though. So you'll have to wait a little longer, but I'm pretty sure it'll be an amazing shoot 'cause I'm very excited about it. Glad you had a good relaxing weekend darling!

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