Thursday, February 18

Då när försommarn kom över grå kapuschong.

When I was a kid we had a rule in our household: Emily may not go play outside in just a tee and shorts unless it's +10 degrees or more. Firstly because I've always been a summer child, refusing winter for as long as I can. And secondly, I wouldn't believe that sun+freshly sweapt streets+budding trees and bushes didn't equal spring. So after fighting and squirming and sneaking out when my parents weren't looking we had to create this rule so that I wouldn't get frost bite. I remember that the neighbourhood saying was that "when Emily is in a t-shirt, spring is right around the corner". Now mom can't chase me around the front lawn anymore, so today I'm wearing shorts even though it's 5 degrees below zero outside (with three pairs of pantyhose and biker boots and double cardis underneath my coat, mom!). Maybe spring will come now?




lottis_lottis said...

Yes my dearest daughter. Spring is in your mind and in your soul. Has always been that way. Stay that that way and keep them pantyhose on in layers for a while yet.
Love mami

Anna said...

Vad sött! Hoppas också på att våren ska komma.
Måste bara fråga.. Vad använder du för rouge?

Emily said...

Mami - <3

Anna - Det är Make Up Store i nyansen Fresh Rose! ;)

Anna said...

Tack :)

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