Wednesday, February 17

I'm home today writing an analytical essay about Swedish feminist literature in the late 19th century. So... here's a playlist for yall! I call it the Let's pretend it's summer and we're sitting on a roof in central Stockholm drinking wine in the afternoon sun Playlist. Hope you like it!

I hope you like it!




sandra said...

vilken pepplista!

Emily said...

tack söta! jag kände verkligen att det behövdes en dag som denna.

Anonymous said...

Åååh, bloggen din er så herlig:) Finfint med en sommerliste også, for jeg fryser og stirrer ut på uønsket snø nå:(

Emily said...

Kan du va finare? Tack! Jag blev så trött när jag gick upp imorse och såg att det snöade IGEN, så jag kände att det var dags för en sommarlista. Hoppas den värmer lite iallafall!

cait harri said...

I'm enjoying your playlist, I've added it to my favourites. It's making me wish for spring even more.

I love your press - how could navy plaid ever be anything other than lovely!

Sahakiel said...

I like it! And actually, I think that's an interesting theme for an essay!

Emily said...

cait harri - it's actually an old school uniform from the uk. I love it too! <3

sahakiel - I'm happy you do! and yes, I think it's very interesting too (it's my major), it just that I think it sounds so incredably dry when you spell it out, you know?

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