Tuesday, February 16

Film stills from Syfy's Alice.

I watched Syfy's remake of Alice in Wonderland a couple of days ago. I didn't like it at all, probably because I have a hard time understanding why anyone would ever want to make a contemporary version of Alice in Wonderland (which is the greatest childrens book ever written, you know). There's something about the concept of Alice in the future that I find really unsettling, as if the people who came up with the idea didn't really grasp the greatness of the story. Anyway, some of the "surroundings" in the TV-series did knock my socks off. It's so pretty! I can't help but dream of all the lovely editorials I could shoot there. Too bad it's all fake. *living in a dream world* Oh, and isn't the Cheshire Cat adorably creepy?




mikaela said...

var hittade du den så att du kunde se den? har letat förgäves.

Emily said...

Vi fick den på USB-stick av en kompis faktiskt, jag ska höra med honom! Ligger den inte upp på typ TPB förresten, det borde den väl göra?

mikaela said...

Jag vet inte riktigt, jag får search engine overload hela tiden, så antingen finns den inte eller så är pirate bay buggigt :(

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