Wednesday, February 24

Det var timmarna innan hon rest sin väg och jag druckit ännu mer.

It's funny how you change your wardrobe according to hair colour. When I was blonde I mostly wore black, white and different shades of blue and now all I wanna wear is powdery pastelles, lilac, petroleum blue and green. Or maybe I'm just dying for spring to friggin come already!




Laia said...

your hair looks amazing, the color and the hairstyle, I wish bangs would look good on me!

btw, I loved the pics of that rockabilly party you went to! I wish we had something like that here in Barcelona. Last Saturday my friends and I had a 50s party (I think Libe already commented you about it) and it'd had been great that we had somewhere to go like that!

Mirjami said...

Jag vet vad du menar och det är så irriterande! Or it wouldn't be if there were money for all. But wallet has to suffer, not us.

Emily said...

Laia - Thank you very much! I look really weird without bangs, so I know what you mean. Yes, I heard about the party, and she also mentioned the Taboo club which sounds real nice too! There are only like two Rockabilly/Burlesque clubs in Stockholm so you have to go when you get chance.

Mirjami - Precis så!

digitalmonster said...

I love your hair! you are so beautiful!


Emily said...

thank you, i'm very happy about my hair too right now, it came out really well. ;D

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