Sunday, January 31

Vad jag bryr mig om nu är att aldrig ge hjärtat rakt ut.

I really like both of these, they kinda remind me of the horror movie The Others with Nicole Kidman (one of my favorites!). Click the photos to get the sources.

On another note. Good things this weekend:

+ walking in the sunshine. It doesn't really matter that it's -15 degrees outside as long as my sky is blue.
+ watching Jersey Shore in bed, falling in and out of sleep, all afternoon.
+ partying with darling people and winning the music quiz.
+ watching Heathers, eating freshly baked chocolate cake, drinking lots and lots of milk.
+ drinking tea with two of my sweetest girls.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!




h said...

din blogg är fin <3

Erica said...

Vilka underbara bilder din blogg innehåller! Och din frisyr. den är...utsökt! Kram

Emily said...

kram på er båda, och tack! <3

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