Tuesday, January 12


I've seriously been sitting here staring at the screen for like 45 minutes not accomplishing anything. Fucking nothing. I'm writing, or trying to write, my last home exam for the this course but all I can come up with is pretty much crap, right now. Let's think of summer instead, shall we? This is what I long for:

+ the spontaneity. Random parties with random people.
+ the bright warm nights. Walking through Stockholm at night with Kristofer's hand in mine, talking about nothing and everything.
+ lying in the park, drinking wine and reading stupid books.
+ swimming.
+ high heeled shoes.
+ New York.
+ the island, Fårö, the most beautiful place I know.
+ bike rides with picnics.
+ playing rounders out on the field behind Cookie's house, drinking beer from a ceg.
+ summer dresses.
+ getting tanned (I never do though).
+ losing sense of time and place.

Only, oh, 25 weeks to go.



P.S. Click the pics to get the source. D.S.

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