Tuesday, January 26

Nostalgi etcetera.

Gosh I miss my dad's old polaroid camera! I hate how the old techniques have to disappear to make room for new digitalized, perfected photography. And even though I can't use it in my everyday work/life, I'm really happy that my first photo education was analog and not digital, because that too seems to rapidly be dying. When I'm an old DINK (short for "Double Income - No Kids"), I'm gonna switch back to my analog cameras again full time, lock myself in my little darkroom and never come out again.



P.S. Click the pics to get the source. D.S.


Moa Blomkvist said...

http://www.poladroid.net/ en liten tröst

Emily said...

oh, moa maneater, vad skulle jag göra utan dig?

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