Saturday, January 2

Isande diskant går igenom allt.

This New Year's Eve Kristofer, Fredrik and I ate our annual dinner at our place. I wore my new favorite dress and mc boots.


After dinner we played Singstar, extra points were won by singing with sincere feeling (seen here).

Then we walked down to the park/beach to watch the fireworks and celebrate the new year. I'm really scared of fireworks, thus the strained look.

It was such a beautiful night, and the view was amazing.

I drank some more champagne to calm myself down.

Then we went to Spybar which was horribly crowded. The music was great though, and there were burlesque dancers everywhere, so I was happy.

It was, like I've said before, a good year. I have big plans for 2010, like moving to a bigger apartment for example. But I also want to improve the blog. If you have any thoughts or wishes please tell me How do you like the narrating along with the photos for example, yay or nay? Let me know, darlings.




alison said...

The bridge and fireworks, that must of been incredible to see in person. I love love your dress, you look so pretty!

Emily said...

It was! I hate it when I see something really amazing that I wanna show you guys, but I'm never able to capture it exactly like it looks irl. The dress is from Topshop btw, and I want to wear it every day from now on, pretty much. ;D

The Gossip Eye said...

I like so much your blog! you have really good photos :)

Happy new year!

Emily said...

Muchas gracias, darling!

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