Wednesday, December 9

My name is: Emily Dahl
My age is: 23
I live in: Stockholm with my boyfriend Kristofer and my stuffed animal children Panda, Lambie and Totoro.
...and I’m a: lot of things. I’m a freelance photographer, I study Literary Science and I work at a shoe store in my spare time.
I’m inspired by: people doing what they want and achieving their goals, whatever those may be. Picture books from my childhood, nostalgia, lyrics from my favorite songs, film noir, Ellen von Unwerth, grunge, skins, 40s and 50s aesthetics. Among other things.
...but I’m totally turned off by: bad books, bad dye jobs, bad editorials and fashion victims.
Three of the best things in my world right now: my eos400D, my old fashion magazine collection of Vogue from the ‘90s and my cell phone because without it I wouldn’t be able to talk my friends as often as I need to.
Three of the worst things in my world right now: the lack of snow this season, the lack of time for doing fun stuff and the seemingly bottomless darkness.
My favorite item of clothing: I could never choose because it depends on what I feel like on that particular day.
Color scheme right now: lavender, petroleum blue and black.
The most useless item I own: Since Kristofer and I moved in together we have two of almost everything, which I guess is pretty useless most of the time.
What makes me laugh: Sylvia, Cookie and Kristofer. Life is nothing without ironic friends.
What makes my cry: Lonely people, like old people who buy food for one at the grocery store, people that can’t stand up for themselves, people who win the lottery on tv.
Right now I’m reading: James Joyce Ulysses.
...while listening to: Swedish hiphop and Jakob Hellman on full volume. There's no reason to listen to music unless it's on full volume.



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hannah & landon said...

stunning girl. your blog is lovely!

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