Monday, December 28

The day after Christmas we went on a roadtrip to the old limestone quarry at Furillen (I spent the holidays at Kristofer's childhood home on Gotland). It was the coldest place I've ever been to and the wind was so harsh you couldn't find any shelter from it. About ten minutes after arriving I'd lost the feeling in all my toes and my hands were shaking so furiously that I could hardly hold the camera straight. But it was extremely beautiful and I got lots of wonderful shots (I don't like photographing while wearing mittens or gloves so my hands pretty much froze to the camera, but it was worth it). Afterwards we drank coffe and eate coconut cakes in the car while defrosting our numb noses. Lovely!




Miss Soggy Smog said...

so, so, so so so soooo lovely!

Emily said...

and so so cold! ;) thanks, hope you had a good xmas!

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