Wednesday, December 16

A couple of days ago a reader asked me if I could compile a list of my favorite books. Now, I could never actually choose my top books, because I love books too darn much. But what I have done is I've made a list of my top five christmas holiday books. You know, the ones you read in bed with a cup of tea in the morning hoping people will think you're still asleep and leave you alone for another couple of hours? Here they are!

Emily's Top Five Christmas Holiday Books (to read in bed):

The Sopranos by Alan Warner. A group of out-of-control catholic schoolgirls go to the big city to compete in a choir competition. But instead of rehearsing they drink shooters, pick up boys and come out of the closet (all in one day).

The End of Mr Y by Scarlett Thomas. The bookish heroin discovers a way to travel through another dimension of the mind. This book is a little slow in the beginning but after that it becomes really addictive.

The Collector
by John Fowles. A lonely misfit butterfly collector kidnaps a young girl and keeps her captive in his basement, waiting for the day when she will start to love him back.

The Hotel New Hampshire by John Irving. This book has everything: a cool redhead, a pet bear, 1950’s Vienna and one of the best love stories I’ve ever read. It’s one of those books your try to read really slowly just to make it last longer.

The Secret History
by Donna Tartt. Murder, a secret society and a boarding school. What more can you really ask for? Seriously.




Moa said...

Åh fina du har läst alla utom en av dessa (Irving) så den blir det! Bjud på en till!Kram

Moa said...

Hej fina du, tack för tipsen! Har läst alla utom en (Irving) så den åkte in på önskelistan. Kan du inte bjuda på ett till tips? Kram

Emily said...

okej darling, en som inte kvalade in på listan pga den runda summan var summer crossing av truman capote. läst? =D

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