Wednesday, October 14

När du pratar verkar du jättedum och du är alldeles för ung.

I can’t really remember when I discovered what fashion was, but I do remember having a revelation of fashion as a personal statement. I was ten or eleven and this kind of tight black long-sleeved T-shirt with plastic flowers sown on to the chest was really in (preferably paired with plaid pants and some horrid furry polyester cardigan). I just didn’t get it, because even though it was obvious that these clothes had been labeled “fashion” by someone, they looked like shit to me. So my best friend and I took a vow to never succumb to wearing that kind of crap and to always have good taste. A couple of weeks later, when we came back to school after the weekend, she too had transformed in to this mannequin of bad taste. She’d even got the plaid platform booties to match. And I was like; what the fuck? After that day I swore to myself to never wear anything just to fit in, but to wear what I thought it was beautiful. I wouldn’t be caught dead in the clothes I wore then today, though, haha.



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