Tuesday, October 6

Kanske kommer jag aldrig att dö. Kanske kommer jag bara att bli yngre med dig, och du bli yngre med.

This last weekend Kristofer and I went to Skansen, the zoo here in Stockholm. In the summer it's usually full of people, but since it's autumn and the weather was bad it was pretty much deserted. The amusement park area was running, but abandoned, and everything looked decrepit and kind of bleached out. The only people there was a kid riding the air plane carousel in complete silence, and this one lonely guy standing by the Whack-a-Mole playing with intence concentration. Of course I loved every minute of it. The animals, on the other hand, just looked really sad and we felt so bad for them. I had forgotten how, when you grow up, you realize the absurdity of it all.




h said...

sooo amazing pics!

Emily said...

thanks hun! ;)

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