Friday, October 23

De sa att om jag skrev det perfekta brevet skulle jag ha en chans. Så jag skrev det, och du brände det, men har jag en chans ändå nu?

Stockholm one real early October morning in 2008.

Oh my gosh. I can't tell you how much I blushed when I saw this. I'm just like "what, me?". Thank you so much, you are lovely.

It's funny that music should be mentioned today, because I've been sitting at the University library all day thinking about a playlist I wanted to make for you all. Music is, next to photography (first) and literature (second) the most important thing in my life, and everything I make is colored by it. In an extreme way (I don't even want to think of all the song quotes I've sent to friends late at night going "This says exactly what I want to tell you right now!"). Anyway, here is the playlist. It's called Sånger från förra hösten (Songs from last fall) and consists of some of the songs that meant alot to me last fall, and still does. Songs I listened to all the time, that makes me nostalgic every time I hear them. I hope you'll like it.

Now, have a good night and drink lots of beer, people.♥




Tiger said...

Tack för playlisten!

Emily said...

hoppas du tycker om den!

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