Saturday, September 12

- You know how when we travel I cry when the plane rises above the clouds? But only if there’s a sunrise, because the sunrise makes the clouds look pink and blue and apricot like cotton candy. Only then I cry, you know.
- Yes. What about it?
- Well, partly I cry because by that time the air plane liquor usually kicks in. But also, I cry because I know that I’m sharing one of the most beautiful things I know with you.
- Oh. I kinda knew that. You always pull my arm and tell me to enjoy the view like my life depended on it. That’s why I love you. You would never let me pass a beautiful moment without pointing it out to me. I love you because you force beauty into my life.
- And I love you. Because when we finally reach our destination you keep pushing me to walk around and find new places and go sightseeing and all that shit I never did as a kid. And because you paint maps to those places in my palms with a ballpoint pen whenever we sit down to rest.
- Because you drink beer in the bathtub with me for hours.
- And because you put butter on your croissant.
- I know, that is weird, isn’t it? I’m so weird.
- I love you weirdo.

- So. What are you typing?
- I’m typing a conversation about love.
- I love you! That’s a conversation about love.
- I know babe, thanks.



P.S. Another photo I can't find the link to. If any of you know it please let me know. D.S.

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