Wednesday, August 12

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The weather here in Sweden is getting a little colder and more grimy, because fall came today. It's still warm outside but moist and rainy like. So all I can think about is what I want to look like this fall, and what inspires that style image. It's a kind of 50's dominatrix mixed with innocent french spy kinda look, with a black base, lots of different materials, studs and super tight stuff. This I need to complement my wardrobe(and soon):

+ a pair of thigh high boots, preferably black suede (Karen Millen!) with a round toe.
+ tights in satin or something of the sort. All I know is they should be slick and shiny.
+ a pair of boots with a rough rubber sole and hook and eye lacing. I already found them, at work.
+ a good 50's trench, black of course.
+ a versatile pencil skirt, I'm considering this one .
+ berets in black, white and some odd colours.

The best thing about fall is the clothes. And reading, drinking tea and letting the whole day pass by in muted reds and yellows outside your window. Photographing the morning frost, taking long walks and feeling your lungs turn inside out from the freezing fucking cold. The feel of your loved ones hands on your icy cheeks when you come home in the evening. And the clothes, right?




Fanny said...

hösten gör mig alltid en aning nere. Men det finns ju en del fina saker, precis som du nämner. Och sötnos vet du vad jag ser framimot? Att helt bli kär, om de händer om en månad, om ett halvår eller om de dröjer flera år. Det vet ingen, minst jag. Men jag ser framimot det! Det känns skönt. du är fin

Emily said...

Du kommer att bli kär, många många gånger till mitt hjärta. Och varje kärlek kommer vara sin egen och den största och det kommer alltid vara värt det. Du är värd så fruktansvärt mycket kärlek fina.

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