Wednesday, May 20

För hjärtat har ett eget hjärta.

I hate days like these, when nothing turns out the way you want it to. I just cam home from work. My hair is not co-operating and my make up looks all funny, not even my new favorite dress can cheer me up. I'm on my way to a bar opening, and then on to a Morrissey tribute concert, and all I can feel is: I look weird. Weird weird weird.




WowWowClouds said...

Oh, Emily, don't say so... I've just discovered your blog and think you're a fantastic girl!

Your blog has some subtle warmth and tenderness that other scandinavian blogs lack. Or at least it's how I see it.

Thank YOU for writing... Don't stop.

Emily said...

Hi darling!
Ofcourse I wont stop! ;D I've been bloging for four years now on different platforms and finally feel that this is the blog I've always wanted. Thank you for your wonderful words and thank you for reading! Your words really put a huge smile on my face.



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