Tuesday, April 28

I spent three hours today searching for the perfect something – anything . The perfect dress, the perfect playsuit, the perfect f-ing skirt. It’s funny how when you actually make an effort to do that, you end up finding nothing. For hours I trawled every shop I would consider reasonable, from Topshop to vintage and found absolutely nah-thing. The thing is I have to fall in love. If I don’t I’ll just end up buying something weird that I’ll never wear because it looked kinda cute in the store but doesn’t go with anything in my wardrobe. I ended up buying two pair of sheer pantyhose with a back seam, and that’s pretty much the way it always goes.

Sometimes I hate that I love clothes so much. I hate wanting imaginary dresses I can’t find or even make since I suck at sowing. Or that when I do find substitutes for my dreamed up dresses I have no money so that by the time I do, they’re sold out. Always. All things considered, I’m really pissed off right now and that’s bullshit too because I should be happy to keep the money for when that perfect playsuit actually does come along. But what if it doesn’t? I will be lost forever. Stupid world.



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